Da Butcha

Hip Hop | Hip-hop / Spoken-word

Da Butcha was born in the winter of 1983 in Tiervlei(Tygerberg Valley). At the Tygerberg hospital in Cape Town South-Africa. The first 6 years of his life, Da Butcha and his family lived in Bell Ville. A place where gangs/ murders and liquidations are still ruling. In 1991 Da Butcha and his mother moved from South Africa 2 Europe 2 stay with family in Holland. As a kid Butch had a ruff childhood,being a foreigner. At the age of 8 he even got beat up several time's, by a group of racist teenagers for being a outsider. And guess what the piggz never even showed up. For the first time in his life,he faced racism in Europe but it wassent the last. Thats when his revolution started,see he grew up without his family and father (who are still livin in South Africa). And never had a older brother or sister,who couldt look out for him. So he decided to fight back,not takin shit from nobody. Wen he was 12 he discovered his talent to make rhymes. But in his teenage years,Da Butcha also discovered a criminal path. Allways getting into fights,stealin shit,skippin classes, smokin weed. Being rude and disrespectful towards everyone around him. This is wen a list of problems started at the age of 15 he got busted for sellin 1 ounce of hash. But fuck it aside all the stupid shit he did, he never lost respect for his family. And he's love for the hip hop music. Because it brought peace to him,gave him strength balance,knowledge and wisdom