Band | Indie / Progressive

What are the things you would really like to do in life? A serious illness caused by covid-19 made the Dutch-based indie singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Derek Kuipers (Slootdorp, 1975) ask himself this question. At the top of this list, there was the desire to write music to be freed from the past. Dealing with fevers and being stuck in home quarantine, Derek (ex-Monstertux; ex-GRMNTS) slowly became Kaminski, his garage became a DIY studio. Searching for lyrics within himself and making manifest melodies that had lived with him for decades, made writing My Diary Lied a purging, yet confronting process. In the safety of his quarantine, he fanned out through old photographs, tried to find words for childhood anxiety dreams, and explored the perpetual tardiness that had characterized him for years. Throughout the writing process, a clear but gloomy central theme emerged: the struggles of a child growing up in a religious cult. This makes My Diary Lied a very personal document. Kaminski is not just a stage name, but a protective garment, an extension of the seclusion of his garage, enabling him to dare to express what he feels most deeply about a troubled chapter of his life. The song Artefacts is the first release from the 10-song indie prog hybrid album My Diary Lied, which will debut later this year. The song is about a god who left his people and regretted it afterward. However, the people moved on and wondered what to do with all the rituals, symbols, and religious artefacts.