DJ / Producer | Electro

Limitless. Boundless. Endless. This is the ferocious Tjalling Reitsma. Born on June 27, 1996 into a musically-gifted household, Tjalling developed an early interest in electronic music. Started experimenting with different sequences, programs, to create music by the age of 12, and bought his first turntable by 15. He learned mixing quickly and soon began to create his own style into the dance music scene, while still producing music. It took a while for the Dutchman to translate his ideas into sounds, but released his first original in 2013, And a seemingly nonstop string of singles and remixes would continue from there. He has an infinite passion for electronic music and he knows how to market his music and himself. He’s a true performer and played in variety of venues and participated in various competitions and contests. To witness a set of Tjalling Reitsma, is to be blown away, to lose yourself completely into the music and be one with the people around you.